On the occasion of 250 Birth Anniversary of Sadguru Tyagaraja Swamy, the SV Music and Dance College of TTD has organised a grand musical fete with 500 renowned carnatic artistes hailing from various parts of the Southern states in Tirumala on Monday evening in Kalyana Vedika at Tirumala.

Speaking on this occasion before the musical extravaganza, TTD EO said, the birth anniversaries of two great saintly persons coincided on a same day. “Today we are very fortunate and blessed to observe the Millennium Birth Anniversary fete of Saint Sri Ramanujacharya and 250th Birth anniversary fete of Saint Carnatic Musician Sri Tyagaraja Swamy. Both of them successfully induced the moral values in the society through his Bhakti and Sankeertana sampradayams respectively and became immortal.

Earlier Sri P Bhaskar, the JEO of TTD Tirupati said, the 250th Birth Anniversary of this great Vaggeyakara Pitamaha Sri Tyagaraja Swamy was also observed in his home turf of Kakarla in Prakasam District in a big way. “Saint Tyagaraja lived a pious life which was an epitome of excellence and virtue”, he added.

Tyagaraja Pancharatnakritis, utsava sampradaya keertans rendered by the artistes enthralled the pilgrims while the Tirumala hill town reverberated to the rhythmic notes of the sankeertans.




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