Accomomodation in Tirumala

Lakhs of devotees visit Tirumala to get a glimpse of the eight-foot tall idol of Lord Venkateswara daily. Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams, the trust board which oversees and manages the operations of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, vouches devotees stay is comfortable and at reasonable cost.One can get accommodation purely on availability. On arrival at Tirumala, contact. Central Reservation office; tell your requirement of the cottage/ room ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.5000. On allotment you will be guided to the reservation office nearest to your cottage. One has to pay the rent and refundable advance and obtain receipts. You will be guided to the room or cottage. Pilgrims find it tough to get accommodation at Tirumala during weekends, festivals and seasonal vacations.

There are numerous reservation offices that have names like ‘Anjanaadhri’, ‘Garudaadhri’ etc. But there is only one Central Reservation Office. Usually Rooms / Cottages is allotted for only one night, one can extend their stay for one more night on request, which has to be informed in advance, if not you will be forced to vacate as there is tremendous pressure on the authorities for other devotees. TTD also built Public Amenities Complexes in Tirumala, which provide dormitory-type accomodation with lockers, free of cost, Devotees should plan early to get accommodation in Tirumala.  The mutts are non-commercial institutions and hence the accomodations is subject to their own terms. Choultries providing accommodation on community basis are also available.

There is no dearth of budget hotels in Tirumala. Private hotel’s tariffs depend on seasonal rush. During Brahmotsavam a Rs. 300/- may go up to Rs. 1000/- for a room. Further some residents of Tirumala provide locker with bath and toilet facilities in their homes to pilgrims on hourly basis. Tariff Rs. 50/- on wards for such facilities.

Large Industrial houses, Business people and Individuals donate money to TTD for the construction of cottages on their names. These individuals, business people, industrial houses, if known to you, can issue a letter for accommodation. These cottages are primarily known as ‘Padmavati Guesthouse / Annamaya Guest house etc. Also one can stay in these guesthouses by requesting at the Central Reservation Office. The tariffs for these guesthouses are expensive. Normally these are always over-booked.

Please check link for online booking:  Accommodation in Tirumala



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