TTD metal ladder construction according to Agama Shastra

Agama sastra TTD management came under sharp criticism from devotees for constructing an iron bridge at the shrine of Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple. The bridge is coming up at the second periphery of the temple, called Vendi Vakili (Silver courtyard). The devotees claim that the bridge is coming up at a height, which overreaches the height of the deity, Lord Venkateswara, which is against Agama Sastras.

Speaking about the issue, SV Vedic varsity Dean Sri Agnihotram Srinivasacharyulu said “thousands of devotees enter the temple pass through the ‘vendi vaakikli’ for a darshan of the deity and also exit from the same point, leading to stampedes at times of heavy rush on auspicious days. TTD wrote a letter to him in 1984 itself for the proposal for a metal ladder for an alternative way for the smooth flow of pilgrims waiting to exit the temple after the darshan. He advised the management to construct the bridge without breaking the wall of the temple. It is a long-pending issue and several EOs in the past received complaints of stampede and the proposal for an alternative way out saw ight of the day only now with the consent of Agama Advisors Sri Sundaravadanacharyulu, Jagannadhacharyulu, Ramanadeekshitulu,Mohanarangacharylu.