TTD issues notice to Ramana Deekshitulu in controversial manner

It is known news to all that TTD adminitration removed Chief Priest of Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala AV Ramana Deekshithulu and three other head priests –Srinivasa Deekshithulu, Narayana Deekshithulu, and Narasimha Deeshithulu – who are from the hereditary priests’ families  from their posts as they crossed 65 years age. They were served the retirement orders and asked not to attend duties with immediate effect.

Now the TTD administration has served retirement notice to Ramana Deekshitulu in a controversial manner. TTD administration pasted the notice of his retirement on the wall of Deekshitulu’s house like the way court issues house auction notice.  The way the TTD is behaving with Ramana Deekshitulu is raising several eyebrows.

Chief Priest AV Ramana Deekshithulu, who was supposed to attend the morning rituals in the temple, did not attend the duty following the orders from TTD.  The rituals were carried out by other priests. Meanwhile, TTD appointed Venugopala Deekshithulu as the new head priest.