Temple rituals are taking place as per Agama sastra says Venugopal Deekshitulu

Sadagoppan Ramanujacharyulu on Friday said that temple rituals were taking place as per Agama sastra traditions and the temple had a well-established system of Jeeyars, Archakas, Acharya Purush.

Newly appointed chief preist Venugopal Deekshitulu stressed that pooja and rituals will never stop in the temple.

‘We are welcoming the age restriction to the preists. The new rule will give opportunities to next generation’ he said.

Venugopal added the details of precious jewelery gifted by Mahantus for god are available with TTD administration.

There is no pressure from the authorities on the management of Pooja Kainkaryams admitted Sundaravana Bhattacharayulu.

Naivedya offerings to Srivaru is going on smoothly without any hindrance Sundaravana Bhattacharayulu.