TTD acquires 8 Melchat Vastram from Salem for Lord Venkateswara

TTD has procured eight Melchat Vastram for Lord Venkateswara from Salem which will last till June, said TTD Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy.

Speaking to the media at Tirumala on Tuesday he said, the Melchat Vastram are procured through a tender process from the lowest bidder in Salem.These sarees are specially prepared to be adorned to Lord Venkateswara moola virat with specific length and breadth. The weavers prepare these silk vastrams with utmost devotion. 

In the wake of existing COVID 19 restrictions across the country, it has become difficult for us to transport these Vastrams from Salem. So we requested our Board Member Sri Sekhar Reddy who negotiated with Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary and DGP and brought the vastrams to Tirumala today”,  he added.