Social media rumors about Chairman darshan are totally baseless : TTD

The allegations made by some that the authorities have violated the lockdown rules and opened the doors of the Tirumala temple for the TTD chairman YV SubbaReddy are totally baseless claims TTD. Also, the propaganda that TTD has fired 1300 sanitation workers is completely untrue.

In the wake of the lockdown, all the temple sevas like rituals, services, worships and kainkarya big s are going on unabated. One of the functions of the Chairman is to oversee and manage the temples under the TTD. As a part of this, the chairman arrived at the Thirumala Srivari temple on Friday. And discussed several issues with TTD officials. But it is totally untrue that some people claim that the temple doors have been opened for the chairman. It is no coincidence that his birthday came last Friday. He only came to the temple with his wife and mother. The rest of persons in the photo are TTD employees. The governing body and the authorities are working with integrity to preserve orthodox virtue and customs.

The tender for sanitation workers working at the contractor expired on the 30th of last month. TTD has no hand in this. In fact, it is painful to see that some media and magazines making false allegations and propaganda that TTD fired 1,300 sanitation workers on May 1st. There are court orders not to undertake any tender proceedings during the lockdown period. We will complete the tender process once the lockdown is over. However, considering the current situation, we have extended the contract with humanitarian heart for a month.