Malayappa Swamy enthralls devotees in Pedda Sesha vahanam

On the first day evening of the Navaratri Brahmotsavams, the processional deities of Sri Malayappa swamy flanked on either sides by his two divine consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi took a celestial ride on the seven hood Serpent King Adishesha on Monday evening.

Aadisesha is the seat on which Lord Srimannarayana rests in his abode Sri Vaikunta. In Tirumala hills the Seshachala range is believed to be the manifestation of Divine serpent, Aadisesha. That is why it is also called Seshachala.

From a distance, Tirumala hills appears in serpentine form. Legends say that In Tretha Yuga, during Sri Ramaavathara, Aadi Sesha took the incarnation of Lakshmana Swamy, while in Dwapara Yuga during Sri Krishnaavathara he took the form of Balarama.