Lord Malayappa Swamy enthralls devotees in Mohini avatar

mohini avatarOn the fifth day morning on Wednesday, Lord Malayappa Swamy enthralled his devotees by appearing in the form of celestial beauty Mohini (female costumes) in colorfully decorated palanquin accompanied by Lord Sri Krishna on another Carrier.

According to legends, Lord’s appearance as bejeweled and charming Mohini throws the demons (Asura) in confusion and wins the celestial battle in favor of the deities (devata). The objective of the Mohini avatar is also to indicate that the entire universe is spell bound under the Mystic Mohini and that the Lord of Tirumala is the king pin and key architect of this high drama in the universe. He informs the devotees to come out of this “Maya” and lead a righteous, spiritual life. In other words, through Mohini Avatara, the lord enlightens his devotees not to fall prey to worldly desires and come out of that “Maya”.

TTD EO Sri AK Singhal, JEO Tirumala Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju, CVSO Sri A Ravikrishna and other officers were also present.