Garuda Seva Mahotsavam in Tirumala

Garuda the king of birds, is the favourite vehicle of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Besides being the daily transport, Garuda also said to sit atop the Dwajam on the day of Dwajarohanam and herald the event and invite all the devatas for the event on earth on behalf the Lord. Garuda functions as a servant, friend, life supporter, insignia, and flag of lord venkateswara’s vehicle.

The Garuda Vahanam on the fifth day of the Srivari Saalakatla Brahmotsavams is considered the most significant of all events in the festival. Thousands of devotees throng Tirumada mada streets to see this celebration. The flowers decorated to Goda Goddess brought from Sri Ville Puthuvur will be decorated to Malayappa Swamy during Garuda Vahana seva.