Annual TTD Abhideyaka Abhishekam begins with traditional gaiety

jyesta 2 jyestabhishekam

A three day Jyestha Abhishekam began today inside Tirumala Temple in the Kalyanotsava mandapam located in Sampangi Prakaram in a solemn manner. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams TTD performs Jyestha Abhishekam every year on the days of Chaturdasi, Purnami and Padyami in the month of Jyestha Masam(Month) and the fete is completed coinciding the star of Jyestha in the constellation. This festival is also called “Abhidhyeyaka Abhishekam”.

The vital purpose of the Jyestha Abhishekam is to protect the Utsava Deities – Sri Malayappa Swamy, Goddess Sridevi and Goddess Bhudevi from damage which might occur during Processions and Tirumanjanam through various Pujas/Poojas and Mantras on these three days.

On the first day Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy along with Goddess Sridevi and Bhudevi is brought to the Kalyana mandapam in the Sampingi Pradakshina and performs Abhishekam and Snapana Tirumanjanam with Pachamritams comprising Milk, Curd, Honey, Sandal Paste and Turmeric after removing Golden Armour on Lord Malayappa Swamy. Later Vajrakavacham (Diamond Kavacham) is adorned to the deities and they are taken out for Procession along the temple streets.

On the second day after performing the Abhishekam and Snapana Tirumanjanam to the deities, adorned with Pearl-studded Kavacham (Coat of Pearls[Mutyalu]) and taken out in procession in the temple streets. On the third day also after performing the Abhishekam and Snapana Tirumanjanam to Lord Malayappa Swamy,Goddess Sridevi and Bhudevi, decorated with Golden Kavacham and takes for procession. This Svarna kavacham remains decorated to the Lord and his spouses throughout the year and only removed for Abhidhyeyaka Abhishekam in the year next.

TTD EO Anil Kumar Singhal along with Tirupati JEO Sreeenivasa Raju participate in the Jyestha Abhishekam