Adequate medical and hygiene procedures to stop corona virus says Addn EO

TTD ADDITIONAL EO AV Dharma Reddy ordered TTD officials to take adequate medical and hygiene procedures to stop spreading corona virus to thousands of pilgrims visiting the temple every day. The meeting held at the Gokulam Rest House in Tirumala.

On this occasion, he said, the devotees and their employees should be widespread in their campaign against the spread of coronavirus. Dharma Reddy has instructed the authorities to continue uninterrupted propaganda through the Bhakti Channel, Radio and Broadcasting divisions in all the major towns of Thirumala and in areas where there is a lot of rush. Similarly, a small promo was made for the devotees to be aware of it and to perform in Vaikuntham queue complex and LED screens. Health Department officials have been instructed to clean up the area with anti-infective medication every two hours in all areas of Tirumala, Vasudhi Samudas and Devotees.

As part of this, masks are to be worn and men should follow a distance of 3 feet. Whenever the devotees are suffering from fever, they are given thermal scanning and medical treatment. Alipiri. The medical authorities have been ordered to set up special medical teams on the steps of the Srivari stairway. A reception for continuous surveillance of coronavirus prevention was made by a committee with Deputy EO, the Temple Deputy EO and the Health officer.