Yadava leaders urges TTD to continue Sannidhi Golla forever

sannidhi gollaYadava community leaders on Thursday rejects GO No 855 that abolish the Sannidhi Gollas. He said TTD administration is treating Sannidhi Golla as TTD employee and they wanted to forcefully retire Sannidhi Golla(Venkatramaiah)on 30th June 2017. Yadava leaders said as per itihasas, it is the greatest grand father of the Sannidhi Golla who first viewed Holy Lord Venkateswara on this earth, when the lord emerged out of an ant hill in which he hid himself before appearing to humans on this planet. The Lord himslef blessed the forefathers of Sannidhi Golla Yadav (the present descendent) that you and your descendent’s will open the lock of my garbha griha and after opening the Bangaru Vakili, they will take 1st steps inside the sanctum sanctorum area after which the Archaks, Yadava leaders urged TTD management to cancel the GO and to take immediate steps to declare the two Sannadihi Gollas – Venkatramaiah and Ramesh as Kaimkaryam- service (not salary based) in the shrine.

As per the age old custom being followed the Golla accompanied by the priests and temple staff opens the Mahadwaram (main entrance) and leads the priests holding a diiti (torch) to the sanctum sanctorum (garbhalayam) where he  lights the lamp with his burning torch. The pre-dawn rituals, including the Suprabhatam commence thereafter. Their role does not end with opening of the temple doors and heralding the commencement of temple rituals but continues throughout the day till the closure of the shrine. His participation is must in Naivedyam being offered thrice in a day and daily rituals and festivals.