Witnessing lord among pilgrims is Srivari Seva says TTD SO Dharma Reddy

TTD Special Officer AV Dharma Reddy graced the Satsang-Orientation programme held for Srivari Sevakulu at Srivari Seva Sadan office in Tirumala on Thursday.

Dharma Reddy said, “Getting an opportunity to render service in Srivari Seva is because of our good deeds in our previous birth. In Tirumala everything, be it a tree, a stone, air we breathe, mountains we climb etc.are nothing but the embodiment of divine forces. This is what was described by Saint Poet Sri Tallapaka Annamacharaya even in his Kritis. While Sri Ramanujacharaya proved what is the real Bhakti by trekking Tirumala footpath on his knees”.

Exemplifying the Gajendra Moksha episode from Srimad Bhagavatham, the SO said, in this the renowned Telugu poet Sri Bammera Potana clearly describes that when it comes to the rescue of His devotees, Lord will forget and leave behind his spouse Lakshmi Devi, weapon Disc also. “So if you serve the devotees of Lord with utmost devotion then you will get the real blessings of the Almighty”, he observed.

Earlier, TTD PRO and HoD of Srivari Seva Dr T Ravi, briefed on the inception of Srivari Seva and the importance of Srivari Seva in offering services to pilgrims.

“Started with just 195 in the 2000 today in the last 19 years nearly, 11,25,700 have offered services in Srivari Seva”, he maintained.

Special Officer of Annaprasadam Sri S Venugopal, Catering Officer Sri GLN Sastry, EEs Sri Subramanyam, Sri Mallikarjuna Prasad, DE Electrical Smt Saraswati, APRO Ms P Neelima, Seva Sadan AEO Sri U Ramesh, AE Sri Varaprasad and others were also present.