TTD EO press meet over chief preist Ramana Deekshitulu issue

TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal today held a press meet at annamaiah bhavan over the issue of former chief preist Ramana Deekshitulu.

Speaking at the press meet the EO said he is very depressed with the comments made by Ramana Deekshitulu.

The responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the temple is on everybody.  There is no truth in the claims that excavations are underway in the temple. We are making some minor repair works inside the temple and the works are being held with the consent of Agama pundits.

Srivari Kainkaryams are happening according to the rules under the supervision of Jeeyars.

Doubts raised among people after the press meet of Ramana Deekshitulu regarding Srivari Kainkaryams, temple repair works and about the safety of jewels. The responsibility to clear them is on TTD ..Ak  Singhal.

In the year 2013, Government GO No 1171, GO Ms No. 611 In January, the Government decided 65-year retirement to the priests.

We sent retirement orders to AS Narasimha Dikshitulu,  Bhaktavatsala Dikshitulu and Ramchandra Dikshithulu according to GO.

In 1956 TTD Service Rules there is a law that all TTD employees and priests want to retire. We appointed the new chief preist according to the principals.

Justice Jagannatha Rao Committee and the Justice Wadhwa Committee had not not found any financial irregularities, and they submitted report that all the ornaments are safe with TTD.

During 2001 Garuda seva some  observers brought to the attention of TTD that Ruby Diamond in Sriwari’s garland went missing. After extensive search, TTD officials found broken Ruby Diamond and the diamond is safe with TTD. 
Ramana Dikshitulu words about diamond auction is false. And he tarnished the image of TTD with his claims.

If the advisors agree, TTD is ready to show the Srivari jewelry to the devotees.