TTD EO appeals devotees to not believe in rumors on social media

TTD Executive Officer Sri Anil Kumar Singhal on Sunday appealed to devotees not to believe and trust the reports appearing in social  media about Srivari temple activities.

Speaking to media he said Srivari temple has not been shut down as baselessly rumoured in social media but all daily rituals from Suprabhatam to Ekantha Seva are being conducted under the guidance and supervision of Tirumala Sri Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamy and chief archaka Sri Venugopal Dikshitulu as per Agama traditions.

He said all activities of the Srivari temple are also being live telecasted by SVBC like for world wide devotees.

He appealed to devotees to not believe in baseless and wrong reports appearing in Social Media about TTD often by some vested intere