TTD EO AK Singhal inspects Four Mada Streets

mada streets TirumalaAs the annual Brahmotsavams is scheduled to begin from September 23 to October 1, Tirumala EO Anil Kumar Singhal along with JEO and other officials inspected the ongoing arrangements in four Mada streets in Tirumala on Saturday.

Later speaking to media, the EO said, “Our priority is to see that a devotees gets back to the parking place or vehicle conveyance point with out any inconvenience soon after the completion of vahana seva. So we made some mild amendments at Rambhagicha point and west mada street gallery point. We will also place police sleuths at all the out points to avoid any congestion. Talking about the metal bridge, the EO said they are building the metal bridge at the second periphery of the temple close to Vendi Vaakili is being constructed according to Agama Sastras.

Earlier, JEO Srinivasa Raju showed a Power Point Presentation of the preparations in four mada streets. Entry and Exit ways, emergency gates etc were shown through maps.

TTD SE-II Sri Ramachandra Reddy, SE Electrical Sri Venkateswarlu, CVSO Ake Ravikrishna, Annaprasadam Dy EO Sri Venugopal, VGO Sri Ravindra Reddy and other officers were also present.