TTD-dial your EO held in Tirumala at Annamayya Bhavan

dial eo The monthly “Dial Your EO” program was held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, where in the pilgrims directly shared their views and suggestions with TTD Executive Officer, Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

1. Caller Mayuri from Pune asked the EO to set up signboards in English and Hindi languages

Answering the query the EO said, they are preparing to set up signboards in Hindi, English, Tamil,Telugu and Kannada languages. For more information about
TTD visit the official website.

2. Udayabhaskar from Vizag : Q : Is there any possibility to book darshan tickets for older people in online ?

Reacting to this query, TTD EO said, there is no facility to book tickets in Online for Old and disabled people. On Fridays, 750 people will be allowed for
darshan at 3 pm. This month on 22 and 29 we provided darshan tickets for 4 thousand people.

3. Gireesha-Tirupati, Madhavaiah-Chittoor; asked EO to allow pilgrims to have darshan of the lord for few seconds as Sarvadarshanam is getting delayed.

EO : They didn’t made any changes in Sarvadarshanam. As the rush is very heavy, pilgrims are not allowed to have darshan of the lord for few seconds.

4. Siddharth, from Vijayawada suggested the EO to send Sankeerthana CD along with Kankanams for the temples which got mike sets from TTD with subsidy in Managudi program.

EO : Surely we will provide.

5. Venkateswarlu from Prakasam asked EO how to get married in Tirumala

EO: One can book Kalyana Vedika in advance via Online.

6. Edukondalu-Nellore; Q: When the diaries will be available for sale

EO : The diaries will be available by Brahmotsavams

7.  Rajesh-Hyderabad; Kalavidya-Chennai; Q : Please provide much better services in Tiruchanoor Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple. Remove free chappal stand infront of Gopuram.

EO : We try to remove the chappal stand near Gopuram.

8. Venu-Hyderabad; Q: Increase security and search operations at Tirumala Foot way

EO : We will increase security soon and will do proper search operations.

9. Ravi-Nizamabad; Q : Allow One or Two persons to Srivari seva

EO : Group of Ten people will participate in Srivari Seva

10. Balaji-Tirupati; Q: Improve cleanliness near Srivari Padalu

EO: Cleanliness will be improved. Senior officer will monitor the hygiene works in the routes.

11. Tulasiram-Miryalaguda, Durgadevi-Rajamundry; Q: Please made Rs 50 tickets available for pilgrims

EO : For the sake of footpath pilgrims TTD is providing darshan through Time Slot in the style of Rs 300 special entry tickets. Pilgrims are requested to utilize this opportunity.

12. RaviTeja-Tirupati; Q: When the notification for TTD Jobs release

EO : Watch out newspaper for TT Job notification

13. Muralikrishna-Kothagudem; Suryanarayana-Hyderabad; Q: Staff at Kalyanakatta are demanding money. Please arrange Taps at bathrooms near Pushkarani.

EO : Accusations on Kalyanakatta staff will be probed. We will repair Taps at Pushkarani soon.

14. Syamkumar,Karnataka,Singapore ; Q : Please build Kalyanamandapam and Srivari Temple in our area.

EO : We are planning to build Srivari Temples in all State Capitals.

15. Venkat Reddy,Yadayya-Hyderabad; Q: How to get idols from TTD, Facade of Panchaloha Idols are not good.

EO : Our Officers will inform the details of getting the Idols. We will take the issue of Facade of Panchaloha Idols with the sculptures.

16. Chakrapani-Kadapa ; Q : Please issue Rs 300 special entry darshan tickets during Brahmotsavams

EO : Due to heavy rush, We won’t issue Rs 300 special entry darshan tickets druing Brahmotsavams.

17. Sriram,Venkateswar Rao-Visahkha, Jaganmohan-Anantapur ; Q: Allow more than two persons during Srivari Arjitha Sevas

EO : Two persons will be during Arjitha Sevas. 12 year kids are allowed with them.

18. BucchiReddy-Warangal ; Q : Improve Akanda Harinama Sankeerthana in the style of Nadaneerajanam.

EO : Required steps will be taken.

Some excerpts:

The annual Srivari Brahmotsavams will be observed from September 23 to October 1 and all the arrangements for the mega religious fete will be completed before September 15.

Temple will be closed from August 7th evening 4:30 to 8th August 2:00 am due to Chandra Grahanam.

Tarigonda Vengamamba Nithya Annadanam will be closed on Grahanam day.