Tirumala to become technology hub soon says CVSO Ake Ravi Krishna

Chief Vigilance and Security Officer (CVSO) of TTD Ake Ravi Krishna on Thursday held darbar with all sectors of Vigilance officials in Tirumala regarding the kidnap of six year old girl Nandini. The  CVSO said the world famous hill shrine Tirumala will become  technology hub soon with the help  of high resolution surveillance cameras. He ordered vigilance slueths to inform their higher officials if any crime occurred in Tirumala. He asked the vigilance staff about their difficulties in duty.

He said TTD management is planning to beef up the security at Alipiri check point to safeguard the temple and thousands of devotees. The tech savvy CVSO said they will set up face detection CCTV cameras at tollgate and footpath way. This technology will ward of thieves and other culprits from entering the hill. He also said that appropriate action will be taken on seven homeguards who misused their responsibilities while on duty.

Later the CVSO met the parents of missing girl Nandini and told special teams are searching the kidnapper and assured them to find the girl as soon as possible.