Tirumala annual Brahmotsavams begins with Ankurarpanam

Ankurarpanam ritual has been performed with religious fervour in the hill temple of Tirumala on Friday(22-09-2017) evening.

Ankurarpanam also known as Beejavapanam is one of the most important rituals of the Vaikhanasa Agama. One can see ankurarpanam being done in almost all the festivals that are part of the worship of the Lord. Ankuararpanam essentially means “sowing the seed”.

In the process of Ankurarpanam, nine grains or Nava Dhanyas are involved and Chandra is the lord for plants and grains. Chandra would be powerful during nights and Ankurarpanam is to be started during the night. An auspicious time is fixed for this purpose and it is called Subha Lagnam. It may be noted that Agamas quote that the sprouts that emanate from the seeds would hint about the future of the kartha. If the sprouts are black in colour they denote loss of wealth, red colour shows possibility of enmity with others, sprouts growing down shows diseases and no sprouts indicate death.