Sri Venkateswara High School alumni meet and greet in Tirumala

studentsTirumala’s Sri Venkateswara High School old students meeting¬† was held today at School premises. The Pre-School Conference was held under the guidance of the current principals of the school, which recounted old memories of 1988-89 students with the teachers who educated them. 1988-89 alumnus attended the school and facilitated their teachers together and spend good time with their old friends who were settled in various places.

Retired Gurus Ramchandra Reddy, Govindarreddi, Rani Meedam, Rambabu, Ekamambaram, Anjaneya, Reddeppa Reddi and the teachers who are currently enrolled in the school have been given memorabilia. Honorable Presidents Association CV Vijayakumar, President Ramanaiah, Chief Secretary R. Krishnaveni, Vice Presidents D Suryakumar, B. Venkatesh, Community organizers handed out reminders to the alumnus.