Sri Krishna Janmastami performed in Tirumala with religious fervour

The holy festival of Sri krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with religious and bhakti fervor at various locations in Tirumala on Monday.

The Janmasthami and Utlotsavam festivals were conducted as a feast to all devotees at the Gogarbha gardens in Tirumala. Amidst vedic mantra chanting pujas were performed to Sri Krishna in the Gogarbha gardens after the Punaya Havachanams.

Abhishekam was also performed with Cow milk, Perugu, Honey, parimala, sandal and other scented liquids. Later he was adorned with silk head gear, uttariyam, dhoti and garlands with colorful flowers. The youth teams also participated in the Utlotsavam conducted there upon and competed with each other to break the pot of curds held aloft a great height.

Large crowds of devotees participated in the event and also partook special anna prasadams prepared for the event.