Sravana Pournami Garuda Seva observerd with religious fervour

On the auspicious occasion of Sravana Pournami on Sunday, Garuda Vahana Seva was observed in Tirumala.

Devotees thronged in huge numbers to witness the grandeur of the procession of Sri Malayappa Swamy on mighty Swarna Garuda.

Even as the procession was on along the four mada streets, the devotees chanted “Govinda Govinda” with utmost devotion.

The vahana seva took place between 7pm and 9pm. As the annual Brahmotsavams is set to commence on second week of September, the Pournami Garuda Seva is considered as a rehearsal to the main one.

All the security, drinking water, crowd management, cultural troupes were reviewed by the concerned authorities on this occasion