Senior preist Khadripathi Narasimhacharyulu attacks Ramana Deekshitulu

priest 2Tirumala Temple senior priest Khadripathi Narasimhacharyulu has lashed out at TTD chief priest A.V. Ramana Deekshitulu. Narasimhacharyulu said that Ramana Deekshitulu is constantly harassing them with his degrading words. He said they are equivalent to him in position and they are not involved in the transfer of of Mr Venkata Kumara Deekshitulu and Mr Rajesh Deekshitulu, the sons of Ramana Deekshitulu.

Ramana Deekshitulu is against me because, I gave a written explanation about him when he entered the Temple with his grandson in contrast to the agamas and terms. Narasimhacharylu admitted that they are the persons who is performing Pooja Kainkaryas in the temple.