Sacred Darbha Mats used for Dwajarohanam handed over to Temple

The Forest Wing of TTD headed by means of Deputy Conservator of Forest Sri Phanikumar Naidu has surpassed over the sacred Darbha Mat and Rope to temple Deputy EO Sri Harindranath in Tirumala temple on Friday

This Darbha Mat and Rope will be used during Dhwajarohanam fete on the first day of annual brahmotsavams on September 30. Usually, this sacred dried grass mat and thread are revered to be divine and have a very significant role to play in the Hindu religious festivals.

The botanical name of Darbha Grass is Eragrostis cynosuroides. In the desi language it is called Kuss. Our Vedas state that Darbha is an embodiment of Trinity. Lord Brahma-the Creator is stationed at the Root, Lord Vishnu-the Protector in the Middle and Lord Shiva-the Destroyer at the Tip of Darbha, hence making it significant in all Hindu rituals.

Meanwhile, the Darbha that is used in Brahmotsavam fete is specially grown in Vadamalapeta of Chittoor district. Special care is taken to grow this sacred grass. Later Darbha Mat and Rope are prepared by a team of experts in knitting the same with utmost devotion.

The Darbha Mat used for Dhwajarohanam is 6feet width and 22feet in length while the Darbha rope is 200 feet in length as it is tied alof during thembham during the annual brahmotsavams.