Repairs carried out in ‘potu’ on the advice of Ramana Deekshitulu asserts JEO

jeoResponding to the recent allegations made by former head priest of the Tirumala temple A.V. Ramana Deekshitulu, TTD JEO KS Srinivasa Raju on Friday asserted that Potu requires small changes keeping in view the larger interests of pilgrims.

We have done only the changes agreed by Ramana Deekshitulu. Every change had been made after taking the opinion of the Agama advisers. Even in 2001 and 2007 also some repair works were taken up in Potu.

No official will be present during Thomala Seva. Who will order to finish the ritual quickly.. JEO questioned.

JEO asserted that all the jewels donated to Lord Venkateswara were intact.

There were no lapses in the Aagamas and Kainkaryas in the temple and everything has been going on well.

There was no truth in Ramana Deekshitulu allegations

The ultimate goal of everyone working in TTD was to safeguard the interests of rich tradition of the temple and instill confidence among the multitude of pilgrims with impeccable services.