Pranaya Kalahotsavam ritual held in a grand manner

The unique Love Game fete, Pranaya Kalahotsavam of Srivaru and His Consorts Sridevi, Bhudevi which was observed in hill town on Saturday evening had cheered up the pilgrims.

In this unique love game, the two divine consorts – Sri Devi and Bhu Devi express their resentment with the Lord while He endeavours winning their hearts.

The interesting festival commenced with all the three deities reaching the north-east corner of the hill temple in opposite directions (with both the Goddesses from one side and Lord in opposite side) on their respective golden palanquins.

The priests also divided themselves into two groups with one group standing by the side of the Lord while another support the Consorts.

Later, they rendered Pasuramas, which are in “Nindastuti”(Praising the Lord in a tone of jibe) and threw floral balls on the Lord. Sri Malayappa Swamy escapes from floral shots and finally succeeds in pacifying His two Consorts, which completed the festival.

Devotees gathered in large numbers at the galleries located opposite Swamy Pushkarini, where the Divine Love Game Festival was observed with great enthusiasm by the temple staffs.