Pournami Garuda Seva held with granduer in Tirumala

garudaThousands of devotees,braving the heavy rain, witnessed the procession of garuda seva on saturday night, on the auspicious day of “Deva Deepavali” with the processional deity of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy taking celestial ride on Garuda Vahanam.

The devotees were spell bound by this divine magic as the Lord glided along the mada streets on the Karthika Pournami day.

According to scriptures, Karthika Pournami is known as “Deva Deepavali” as the deities celebrates the Festival of Lights on this pious day.

The Nalayira Divya Prabandha Parayana Gosthi in front of procession remained as a special attraction during the event.

Huge number of pilgrims, officials took part in this event.