Potu workers press meet over Ramana Deekshitulu issue

Potu workers on Tuesday held a press meet over the issue of former chief preist Ramana Deekshitulu.

TTD administration made repairs to Srivari Potu in the years 2001, 2007 and 2012. We work here whole day in shifts. We are deeply upset with Ramana Deekshitulu allegations over Naivedyam to Lord Venkateswara.

We are preparing all the prasadams as per Agama sastra. Mirasi archakas did not come to temple when TTD cancels mirasi system, but we are always doing service to the god. We are ready fight Ramana Deekshitulu legally over his false claims.

We prepared prasadams at sampangi prakaram during 2001-2007, with the permission of Ramana Deekshitulu only.

There is no truth in Ramana Deekshitulu claims that land is being dug on a large scale in the ‘Potu’ region.