Pilgrims gave interesting suggestions to EO through Dial Your EO Programme

Monthly Dial Your EO Programme was held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday. Over 20 pilgrim callers from across the country, called up TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal to give their complaints and suggestions.

Answering to pilgrims callers Sri Lakshmi Venkateswarulu from Tirupati, Sri Subbaiah from Guntur, Sri Chandu from Vijayawada, Sri Santosh from Palakollu, the EO said, in the last eight months, major changes have been brought near Vendi Vakili and now the public are not complaining of jostling in this area. We will take up necessary changes required to avoid congestion near elephant bridge in Vaikuntham Queue Complex by this month end”, he added.

Over the suggestion of a pilgrim Sri Munisubramanyam from Tirupati who brought to the notice of EO to increase the size of font in Telugu Panchangam calendar of TTD, the EO assured him of necessary action after consulting with experts.

Another caller Sri Rama Rao from Karimnagar felt the need to facilitate distribution of Annaprasadam in Srivari Mettu and also suggested for proper signage boards to indicate Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan and other facilities to pilgrims in Tirumala. The EO said, the possibilities to set up Annaprasadam in Srivari Mettu will be discussed. He said, a team of officials have already submitted a report indicating important places in Tirumala to erect signage boards for the information of the pilgrims.

Answering pilgrims Smt Lakshmikantamma from Bengaluru, Sri Shanmugam from Tirupati, the EO said, the token system for PHC and Aged pilgrims has been started with a noble intention of avoiding long waiting by this category of pilgrims in queue lines. “But some pilgrims are still coming and waiting in the queue lines. Every day some tokens are being left over as the quota is not completely utilised by this category pilgrims. It is not possible to issue tokens during week ends as heavy rush comes to Tirumala. So I appeal to the PHC and aged devotees to know the intention behind introduction of tokens and make use of this facility and avoid long waiting hours in queue lines”, he added.

A pilgrim caller Sri Harish, Smt Lakshmi from Hyderabad requested the EO to consider periodic changes in including the family members and also to issue donor pass books as they are not techno friendly. The EO said, the suggestions will be pursued.

When Sri Raman Rao from Visakhapatnam, brought to the notice of TTD EO to improve the soft skills of employees while tackling with devotees and sevakulu.

CVSO Sri Ake Ravi Krishna and other officials were present.