Padmavati Parinayotsavam off to a colorful start

The three-day Padmavathi Parinayotsavam off to a colourful start on Tuesday evening with the processional deities entering the celestial wedlock in a jubilant manner.

The Padmavathi Parinaya Mandapam which was conceptualised on “Astalakshmi” theme with the setting of Eight different figurines of Goddess of Wealth decking up the Parinaya Mandapam in a gorgeous way.

The Utti Krishna, chandeliers, crystals, flowers, fruits etc. enhanced the beauty of Parinaya Mandapam.

Meanwhile on the first day Lord Malayappa came on small Gaja Vahanam flanked by His consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi on two different Tiruchi vahanams. After Edurkolu, Varanamayiram, the Pubantata is performed with enthusiasm. The temple and religious staffs divided into two groups with one supporting the Lord who is Bridegroom and Goddesses who are brides.

Later Unjal seva performed amidst recitation of vedic hymns, followed by devotional songs. TTD EO Sri AK Singhal and other officers were also present.