Nyayasudha Parayanam in Tirumala from July 21st to 25th

Following the Aradhana Mahotsavams of holy saint from Karnataka Sri Jayatheertha, Nyaya Sudha Parayanam will be rendered in Rituals temple from July 21st to July 25th.

As per legend, Jayatheertha in his earlier birth happened to the noble ox in the Ashram of the founder of Dvaita Siddhanta Sri Madhvacharya. During this period he learnt all the Neetisutras taught by the saint when he was in the form of holy ox.

In his next birth as Jayatheertha, he penned Nyaya Sudha Parayanam. When this is rendered it is believed that it will give good showers and prosperity prevails. With this great work Sri Jayatheertha is also known as Teekacharya.

Meanwhile this Nyayasudha Parayanam will be recited every day in Tirumala facing Vimana Venkateswara Swamy from July 21st to July 25th and again from July 29 to August 2nd.