Tirumala Police solved Nandini kidnap case in 5 days, Kidnapper held in Bangalore

The kidnap case of six-year old girl Nandini, who was adbucted by an unidentified woman in Tirumala on July 22nd, was solved on Friday with the arrest of the suspect from Bangalore. The kidnapper has been identified as R Shalini(34) a resident of C.V. Raman Nagar, in Bengaluru. She was detained at Vathuru in Bengaluru yesterday afternoon.

Shalini visited Tirumala on July 22 and after darshan searched the premises of Lord Venkateswara temple with an intention to kidnap a little girl with the intention of selling her off into flesh trade or using her as a beggar to live off her. She kidnapped Nandini near the free accomodation. Nandini’s parents approached the Tirumala Police on Monday, and the police immediately checked the CCTV footage. The Tirumala police split into 14 special teams and initiated the searches across the State.

Speaking to media persons in Tirumala, Abhishek Mohanty, the Tirupati Urban SP, said “We gave the case vast publicity. 14 teams were deployed soon after receiving the complaint. We printed wall posters in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and English. This publicity helped us catch the kidnapper. We suspect that she may be involved in child trafficking, or she might have been planning to earn money by making the child beg. Further investigation will be carried out.” He added that Shalini was the mother of two boys.

Tirumala Police officers have solved the missing case in Five days and are getting praises from one and all for their job.