Malayappa Swamy took ride on the Garuda Vahanam

On the fifth day of the on-going Navaratri Brahmotsavam of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy, Garuda seva, the glittering and auspicious event, was held in a grand manner on Friday night. Every inch of the Hill town of Tirumala has been occupied by the devotees of the deity thronging from different parts of the country.

Braving the heavy downpour, the devotees did not move from their places since last day to catch the glimpse of Lord Malayappa on Garuda Vahanam and once again proved that the inclement weather will not hamper their devotion.

From the rituals starting from day one of Brahmotsavams till the completion of the Nine-day religious event, Garudalwar holds a prominent place in Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya. Garuda serves His Master as temple flag-Garudadhwaja, as the carrier-Garuda Vahana and stands as an example of true “Sevaka”.

As soon as Sri Malayappa Swamy appeared sitting gracefully on the mighty Garuda Vahanam that moved from Vahana Mandapam at the scheduled time of 7pm, the entire hill town reverberated to the frenzied rhythmic chants of “Govinda… Govinda…” by devotees.

The mighty Garuda Vahanam surged ahead with the Lord wearing the Sahasranama Kasula Haram, along the sacred four-mada streets. The devotees, became ecstatic with bhakti elixir by witnessing the grandeur of Lord with utmost devotion.

The beauty of the Sri Malayappa Swamy sitting majestically on the shoulders of Garuda was the most awaited sight to tens of thousands of eyes which witnessed the grand procession of Garuda Seva.

TTD made special arrangements for the devotees who remained outside the galleries. They provided water, buttermilk, beverages, snacks etc for the pilgrims. They also witnessed Garuda Seva through LED screens erected at various places in Tirumala. Additional toilets were in place to meet the demands of aged, women and children in their long wait.