Malayappa Swamy took celestial ride on Gaja Vahanam

On the sixth day evening, Malayappa Swamy took celestial ride on Gaja vahanam on Tuessday. With beautiful caparisoned elephants leading the procession from the front, the golden elephant with the idol of the Lord atop, moved at a leisurely pace along the Mada Streets.

Attired in their best costumes, the artistes from across the country danced in front of the processions much to the delight of young and old alike viewing the procession. Chants of Govinda were omnipresent in Tirumala.

Earlier in the morning, Lord Malayappa Swamy adorned as Sri Rama rode on Hanumantha Vahanam. It was believed that offering prayers to the Lord on Hanumantha Vahanam will vanquish evil in one’s mind and drive away one’s fears. In the afternoon, it was time for the women devotees to lend their strength to the wheels of golden chariot to inch its way along the four Mada Streets.