Malayappa Swamy rides on Chandraprabha Vahanam

On the 7th day evening as part of the annual Brahmotsavams, Lord Venkateswara took celestial ride on Chandraprabha Vahanam to the delight of thousands of devotees who converged in the galleries of the four Mada streets at Tirumala to witness the blissful event.

According to legend, Chandra or the moon stands for promoting medicinal values among living beings including plants. The puranic scripts of “Purushottam Praptiyagam” describes Chandra as Lord Vishnu and as an invisible architect who had evolved solutions for all ills of the society. The Saint exponent Geeta Charya says “Nakshatrana Aham Shashi” (I am a spot on the moon) indicating the presence of moon as an integral part of the celestial system.

It was a delightful sight to watch Lord Malayappa Swamy glide along four Mada streets on the pleasant Chandraprabha Vahanam which has given a chill-thrill experience to devotees.