Happy to be part in the spread of Hindu Dharma Prachara

The donors of the newly launched TTD’s Sri Venkateswara Alaya Nirmana Trust (SRIVANI) expressed their immense pleasure to be a part of Hindu Dharma Prachara by donating to this novel and noble Trust.

About 52 Donors from across the country have contributed for the Trust on Saturday and had darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy on Sunday on the occasion of Deepavali festival in Tirumala temple.

Speaking to media on this occasion outside temple, they said, the chief objective of TTD is to spread the Hindu Sanatana Dharma by taking up temple construction activity in remote villages across the country.

Sri Gurudev from Chikmanglur, a Businessman and Sri Prakash, an Entrepreneur from Mumbai said, I came to know that the motto of this Trust also helps in avoiding religious conversions by constructing temples in backward areas, which is something a laudable gesture from TTD and need of hour, they maintained.

Sri Somasundram from Chennai expressed that, I have read that the Trust also provides financial aid to the neglected temples and priests. We are happy that we are involved in doing our bit in spreading the sanatana dharma by donating to this Trust, he opined.

While Sri Rao from Hyderabad appreciated the noble intention of TTD behind launching of the new Trust. “It not only curbs evangelism and spread Hindu Dharma but also helps the devotee to have VIP Break darshan of Lord without approaching middlemen. And the amount which we paid to the Trust straight away goes to the coffers of Lord. This is really a very good scheme of TTD”, he maintained