Dial your EO programme excerpts on June 1st

The monthly “Dial Your EO” program was held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, where in the pilgrims directly shared their views and suggestions with TTD Executive Officer, Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

Addressing newspersons after the monthly Dial Your EO program, EO AK Singhal said keeping in view of the huge number of visitors to Tirumala, the TTD has decided to issue certain quantum of tokens for Time slotted Sarva Darshan. 30,000 tokens will be issued on Saturday and Sunday and on Monday and Friday 20,000 and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 17,000 tokens will be issued for time slotted Sarva darshan to pilgrims.

He said additional food counters were set up at ANC and HVC sub inquiry offices and nearly 10,000 devotees were served. He urged the devotees to take full advantage of the food counters, which were already functioning at CRO and PAC-1 where devotees were served snacks, milk and also anna prasadams.

He said during the summer months daily 2.30lakh anna prasadam servings were done- 70,000 in the VQC complex 60-70,000 (even touching the One lakh mark on Sat, Sunday and holidays) at Tarigonda Vengamamba Bhavan, and 10,000 at PAC-2.

SUBHAPRADHAM: TTD has launched the Subhapradam program to spread awareness on Hindu Sanatana Dharma practices and traditions among students of 7,8.9 standards. As part of the program, 3348 students of 7 educational institutions of TTD in AP and Telangana have imparted training.

The EO said in the month of May a record 26.54-lakh devotees had darshan of Lord Venkateswara as against 24.55 lakhs in May 2017. Similarly 1.07 crore laddus were sold this May as against 1.05 lakh laddus last year it period. Totally 70.83 lakh devotees were provided anna prasadam this year as against 70 lakh the last summer. T he Hundi collected had touched Rs. 86.46 crore his May as against Rs.78.47 crore last year.

In the same period 5.36 lakh walkers were provided Divya Darshanam and 5.56 lakh given Sara darshan tokens, 5.14 lakh given special darshan (Rs.300 tickets), Sarva darshan without tokens 5.15 lakhs, challenged, aged, infants number was 55,000 and 27,000 to others through superteam route.

Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju, Tirupati JEO Sri Pola Bhaskar, in charge CVSO Sri SivaKumar Reddy, SVBC in charge CEO Sri Mukhteswar Rao, Chief Engineer Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, Spl Officer Annaprasadam Sri Venugopal and others participated in the program.