Dial Your EO Programme excerpts on August 03, 2018

Dial Your EO program was held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday. TTD EO attended to the calls of 20 pilgrim callers from across the country.

A pilgrim caller Sri Subrahmanyam from Visakhapatnam sought the EO to ensure no advertisements in between live programs or interesting devotional programs. Responding to the caller, the EO said the suggestion is well taken and he already discussed with CEO SVBC on the issue.

Another caller Sri Shanmuga Sundaram from Erode of Tamil Nadu sought EO to reintroduce Tamil commentary during live telecast of Kalyanotsavam for which the EO answered it is now available on SVBC 2.

When Sri Srinivas from Bengaluru, Sri Raju from Telengana, Smt Devi from Vijayanagaram and Sri Ramakrishna from Visakhapatnam sought EO to have separate darshan lines for aged and differently able pilgrims the EO said, that there is need for change in the mind set of the pilgrims also. The aged and specially able should chose to come on normal days which have comparatively less rush. Though we have identified such days in a year and providing darshan to this category of pilgrims, they are not utilizing the privilege and preferring darshan during peak season only”, he observed.

Smt Kanaka Durga from Khammam brought to the notice of EO that the Vada prasadam issued to them during Kalyanotsava Seva last month was spoiled. EO said that necessary action will be initiated to see that it will not be repeated.