Dial your EO programme excerpts on April 6th

The monthly “Dial Your EO” program was held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, where in the pilgrims directly shared their views and suggestions with TTD Executive Officer, Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

The EO received 23 calls from different parts of the country which also includes a call from Saudi Arabia.

Callers Sri Srinivas from Visakhapatnam, Sri Sankar from Hyderabad, Sri Jitendra from West Godavari sought EO to reconsider allocating certain quota of arjitha seva tickets under current booking in Tirumala for which the EO replied them that the decision of online dip has been taken after considering the suggestions from majority of pilgrims and the system is very transparent.

Answering another caller Sri Subramaniam from Chennai who sought EO to reconsider introducing programmes like Sastipurthi, Brahmande Nastikinchana etc.inSVBC. The EO said, his suggestions are well taken. He also suggestion the EO to organise Annamacharya Sankeetana programme in a big in Chennai which was conducted about 15years ago. While another caller Sri Sriranganathan from Chennai sought EO to provide minimal facilities of fan and drinking water to the artistes performing on Nadaneerajanam stage.

Sri Kesavan from Nagari sought EO to introduce Annaprasadam in Srivari Mettu footpath route and EO said it is operationally not feasible. Another caller Sri Suresh from Nellore sought EO to introduce chutney or pickle along with Upma and Pongal as many pilgrims are wasting the Prasadams. The EO replied the caller that he will look into the suggestion.

Pilgrim caller Smt Satyabhama from Tirupati brought to the notice of EO to improve he quality of vermilion that is being distributed in Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru temple at Tiruchanoor. EO said the problem will be rectified soon.

One pilgrim caller Smt Gita from Saudi Arabia sought EO that she wanted to donate Rs.1cr toward setting up a hospital for TTD. The EO said she will be informed about the technical issues and feasibility involved in the issue by the concrned officials later.

Another caller Sri Lakshmipathi from Karvetinagaram brought to the notice of EO about the non performance of various rituals in Sri Venugoapal Swamy temple for which EO reacted the temple will be inspected soon to sort out all issues.

When Sri Raghavan from Chennai brought to the notice of the EO about the problems in the existing senior citizens line, the EO said this was the first complaint about this category darshan after necessary pilgrim friendly amendments and he will definitely solve he issues of transportation etc. meant for the pilgrims under this category.