Dial your EO excerpts on 04-01-2019 in Tirumala

The first “Dial Your EO” program for 2019 held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, where in the pilgrims directly shared their views and suggestions with TTD Executive Officer, Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

While answering the pilgrim callers during the programme EO told TTD will go for cent percent utilization of non conventional sources of energy in the next two or three years.

Answering to Lakshman from Bengaluru who suggested on non conventional sources of energy, the EO said, TTD is already utilizing wind mills and solar energies. We are also negotiating on Rooftop solar power generation. In next two or three years TTD will reach 100% on non conventional energy utility, he asserted.

Later a pilgrim caller Sri KVN Sharma suggested EO to display the TTD publications whenever there are book fairs and festivals. In Vijayawada, right now a huge expo is underway. When other faiths are selling their publications at discount rates, I have not even seen TTD book stall. Replying the caller, EO said, hid suggestion is well taken. However the EO cleared him that TTD will never sell it’s publications on profits. Even our discounts is on cost of the book only but not profit. In online all our publications are free for download, he added.

A pilgrim caller Sri Rama Rao from Tadikal brought to the notice of EO the delay in Sarva Darshanam and the hardships the pilgrims faced during his visit to Tirumala on December 24. He also suggested EO to keep more luggage counters. Answering the caller EO said his suggestion will be looked into.

Sri Mukunda from Bengaluru suggested EO to operate the pilgrim queue lines from Varaha Swamy temple for which EO answered it is not feasible for operation.

When Sri DVR Sharma from Visakhapatnam sought EO to reduce the waiting hours for aged to which EO responded that already TTD is issuing 1400 tokens every day for this category of pilgrims and 4000 tokens on any two lean days in a month. There is no need to wait for long hours now, he informed.

Smt.Lavanya from nellore urged EO to reduce the waiting hours for pedeatrian pilgrims for which EO said, TTD is issuing 14 thousand tokens in Alipiri and 6000 tokens in Srivari Mettu footpath routes every day to avoid inconvenience to pedestrian pilgrims.

Sri Satish Kumar from Hyderabad, Smt Yasodha from Bengaluru asked EO about not getting online sevas in lucky dip to which EO said, for 5000 seva tickets 1,50,000 pilgrims are trying in online and he suggested them to keep on trying.

Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar, CVSO Sri Gopinath Jetti and other senior officers were also present.