Annual Jyeshtaabhishekam Commences in Tirumala

The three-day annual ‘Jyestabhishekam’ took off to a ceremonial start at the famous hill temple of Lord Venkateswara today morning in Tirumala.

The processional deities of Lord Malayappa and his divine consorts were seated on a special altar inside the ‘sampangi prakaram’ where the priests carried out the rituals in accordance with the Agama sastras.Special rituals like Maha Shanti Homam and Sata Kalasa Abhishekam dominated the religious proceedings inside the hill temple.

Later the deities were ceremoniously provided with diamond-studded armour, popularly known ‘Vajra Kavacham’.

The event was attended by Sri Sri Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamy, TTD Chairman Shri YV Subba Reddy, EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, Additional EO Shri AV Dharma Reddy and other officials of the temple.