Adequate waters in Tirumala reservoirs due to rains : Addn EO

The incessant rains from the past one week has brought adequate waters into the reservoirs in Tirumala which would suffice water needs in the next 300days, said Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy.

After a spot inspection of the Papavinasam dam along with Engineering officials, the TTD Additional EO said all the reservoirs of Tirumala were 85% full in the July rains itself and he attributed the rains in July as a result of Virataparva Parayanam conducted by TTD which is underway seeking good rains and prosperity.

He was hopeful that the Sundarakanda Parayanam is being performed at the Nada Niranjanam platform in front of Srivari temple would also soon bring relief to humanity from the pandemic Coronavirus.

He said there are signs of southwest monsoons bringing sumptuous rainfall in Tirumala during ensuing Oct- December months. Elaborating on the water storage in different dams he said, due to the recent rains, level of water has reached 98% in Kumaradhara, 95% in Pasupudhara, 30% in Akashaganga, 50% in Gogarbham dam while Papavinasam dam full to its capacity.

As more rains are being anticipated in the coming months, the floodgates of the Papavinasam dam were opened and water is released from Saturday night. Similarly, 30 lakh gallons of water is being released from Papavinasam dam for daily needs of Tirumala.

TTD Water Works EE Sri Srihari and other officials participated in the program.