Utlotsavam performed with religious pomp and gaiety

The famous “Dahi Handi” festival Utlotsavam was performed with religious pomp and gaiety in Tirumala on Tuesday evening.

A day after Gokulastami, this Utlotsavam is being observed at various points encircling Tirumala temple every year. Hundreds of youth took part in this entertaining fete opposite Tirumala temple. They had broken the mud pot which is tied atop a 20 feet pole.

Earlier Sri Malayappa Swamy on Golden Tiruchi accompanied by Sri Krishna Swamy on another Tiruchi was taken on a procession covering all the vital points. The interesting feature about this festival is that during all other festivals, the pilgrims throng to witness the grandeur of deities, but here, the deities became the spectators for Utlotsavam.

TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal said, Gokulastami and Utlotsavam have been observed with religious pomp and gaiety in Tirupati and Tirumala for two days. The devotees also took part in these celestial fetes with great devotion and enthusiasm.

Temple Dy EO Sri Harindranath, VGO Sri Ravindra Reddy and others were also present.